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Mimecast is a leader in enterprise cloud services for the security, archiving and management of email and corporate human generated data. 

Founded in 2003, the company has over 10,000 customers, over 3 million users and works with over 800 channel partners worldwide. It has over 500 employees serving the needs of these customers in eight offices in the U.S.A., the UK, Australia and South Africa.

The company’s email security and cloud archiving services are built on Mimecast’s world-leading secure cloud platform and optimized for Microsoft Exchange and Office 365. Mimecast Email Security protects against inbound and outbound email-borne threats, deliberate or accidental data leaks and email service outages. Mimecast Cloud Archive unifies email, file and Instant Messaging into a single archive. Mimecast’s end-user productivity tools include Large File Send which allows users to send large attachments from within Outlook. For IT teams, Mimecast gives them a single administration console that provides centralized management of security and content protection as well as retention policies to support compliance and eDiscovery requirements.

Mimecast Services

  • Protect the organization by improving email and data security from the growing volume and sophistication of security threats faced every day from email-borne attacks from lone hackers, employees, competitors, and even foreign governments.
  • Mimecast protects customers from spam, viruses and malware, and from data leaks. Also from more sophisticated attacks like spear phishing, where email is being used for a targeted attack against individuals (and their data) within the organization.
  • Ensure their organization carries on even when the primary email service is out of action through its continuity services. Even a short period without email can cause major disruption and cost.
  • Archive rapidly growing volumes of email communication and associated files or data safely in the cloud and off their own infrastructure. Mimecast gives customers a more effective and economic way to meet their compliance, governance or regulatory obligations on data. Also better tools for e-discovery.
But that is only half the story for the archive there is much more that is possible. Mimecast has a range of end-user and enterprise productivity tools that unlock the powerful business potential of this corporate memory to drive better decision making and productivity. Mimecast is investing in the development of further services for what it calls next generation archiving.


Traditionally an organization will buy and install on its network several independent or disparate systems to address these email needs. This adds considerable unwanted cost and complexity to its infrastructure.

With the Mimecast Platform organizations meet all their security, continuity and archiving needs from a single cloud service that is very quick to implement, better performing and far more cost effective than running these multiple disparate systems on its own infrastructure.

Customers can then decommission expensive ‘point’ or single application infrastructure, redeploy critical human and technology resources to other IT tasks, and support a strategy to move critical IT workloads to the cloud to benefit from the recognized innovation and economics achievable there.

Today Mimecast estimates (conservatively), that organizations are spending well in excess of $27B globally on individual technologies to help them tackle these email and data related challenges. This number will grow substantially, as data volumes and email use continue to grow.

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